RedTech buoyancy control devices are one of the few products that were conceived and designed by divers for divers. As a result of our many years of experience we developed the « QSS « quick slide system (patented) – the innovative way of adjusting and securing straps, which enables easy and quick donning. Our BC's are simplified to the point that we have removed all unnecessary elements and complicated systems, but are still providing the divers with everything that is essential for technical and advanced recreational diving. The whole system is modular and enables the diver to build a personalized system that will meet his needs and ideas. The basic components of all models are compatible with each other, which means, for example that you can mount different sizes of air bladders to the same backplate. As manufacturers, and not retailers, of diving equipment we insist on precision of manufacture, best quality of materials and innovative details. The fact that the RedTech BC's are in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards makes them reliable for the most demanding technical diving. According to our experience, the «best mix» for pleasure is safety, versatility and comfort.

And we are all diving for pleasure, aren't we?