IWS40 IWS40 – Quick release weight system can be fitted on every type of RedTech harness. Consisting of two removable pockets, stainless steel buckles, belt slides and webbing. Weight pockets are available in 2X4 kg and 2X6 kg models IWS40
WP04, WP06
IWS40 quick release weight system
 SLP01 - small lumbar pad
TB2X10 WP04, WP06 – weight pocket can also be attached to the tanks for good balance and distribution of the required amount of lead LLP02
TB2X10- tank band are available for every tank size  
 LLP02 large lumbar pad with two fixed stainless steel D-rings makes handling with the heavy twin tanks much easier
 EXPRT expandable pocket, when not in use, it is approximately the size of a wallet. When unfolded, it is spacious enough to carry a spear mask, deco tables, extra battery torch etc.
SP02 - shoulder pads