The standard Redech air bladder has a wing shape (wing style) which is characteristic for technical BC's types. In comparison to conventional BC's, it's perfect hydrodynamic shape minimizes the resistance of movement through the water. Retraction of air bladder through elastic stripe that goes through 8 stainless steel D-rings has several features: minimizes the surface of the bladder, thus minimizing the resistance to movement through water, the possibility of getting caught in obstacles in overhead environments, enables quick and even compression of the bladder and reduces the possibility of air being trapped on either sides of the bladder. The even distribution of air is very important for the right balance, correct trimming of the diver and maintenance of neutral buoyancy and hovering. RedTech uses 1000 Anso-tex (ballistic nylon), material that is extremely resistant to abrasion and puncture. Due to the Teflon layer it dries fast, colors are stable and UV-resistant.

The inner air-bag is made of thick high-resistance polyurethane sheet. Only large-teeth plastic zippers are used to ensure corrosion resistance and prevent slider blocking by formation of salt crystals.

The drain holes on both wing-bottoms are covered with stainless steel mesh to protect the air-bag from solid particles that may otherwise enter between the bag and the fabric.

For traditional backplate there are several models of air bladders. They are designed for traditonal backplate
and with screws they can be mounted very fast. The bouyancy range is from 40 kg –390 N to 16 kg – 150 N.