TEBE – tech pocket designed to fit on the back plate consist of two pockets for lift bags & deco balloons and one large pocket on back side for redundant mask, dive tables, slates, etc.

DEBE25, DEB55, DEOP 55 – deco & safety marker balloons are necessary equipment of the technical divers when because of any reason they have to do decompression stop away from the down line. They are made of highly visible orange fabric and all sizes are available with overpressure valves when they can serve as lift bags.
DEBE 20 –volume 20 lit, DEBE30 – volume 35 lit


DEBA – holder for lift bags & deco balloons designed for mounting on the bottom of back plate

TP00 – this pocket can provide an extra storage space. It is connected with quick release buckle to BC waist band and with elastic webbing to leg so it can be used on wet and dry suit


JL01 - two meters of nylon webbing with stainless steel carabineer stored in a small dispenser that fit on any 50 mm harness webbing.
This tool will help you to stay away from the crowd at the ascent line

OXP22 this O2 regulator second stage cover will prevent mistakes in selection of stage bottles with deco-mix at depth