This model is designed for the most demanding technical diving at greatest depths and overhead environments where the safety of the equipment becomes increasingly important. The redundancy rule for the essential equipment is applied to the lift bladder. The outer cover coating incorporates two independent air cells, each of them with its own inflator hose and dump/overpressure valve. Explorer features the quick release weight system that is mounted in a way that provides the divers with complete freedom of movement and also adds to the balance of the tanks. Larger lumbar pad makes handling with the heavy twin tanks much easier.


Standard features

  • quick slide system
  • adjustable harness
  • stainless steel backplate
  • four adjustable stainless steel D-rings
  • one utility pocket
  • one small lumbar pad
  • large lower lumbar pad
  • bladder assemblies with two independent inflation within single cover
  • integrated weight system with two pockets (cap. 2x4 kg)
  • maximum buoyancy: 40 kg 390 N
  • air tank size limits:
    • single tank max. vol. 18 lit.
    • twin tank max. vol. 2 x 15 lit.
  • heavily reinforced 1000 D.
    Anso-tex ballistic nylon

Download Instruction Manual (4.3 Mb)