Has the same construction and characteristics as the Impulse 2.0. With larger volume of the lift bladder that is well suited for use with heavier steel tanks in technical diving. Impulse 4.0 is designed for technical divers who are often diving with twin tanks and stage bottles.


Standard features

  • quick slide system
  • adjustable harness
  • stainless steel backplate
  • six adjustable stainless steel D-rings
  • one utility pocket
  • two small lumbar pads
  • interchangeable air cell
  • maximum buoyancy: 40 kg 390 N
  • air tank size limits:
    • single tank max. vol. 18 lit.
    • twin tank max. vol. 2 x 15 lit.
  • heavily reinforced 1000 D.
    Anso-tex ballistic nylon

Download Instruction Manual (4.3 Mb)