R.I.D. is born under the influence of the new tendencies in technical diving. The philosophy of DIR (do it right) insists on the maximum of the simplicity. RID is completely meeting the demands of these standards: inflator hose without dump valve, air bladder without elastic stripes and simplified harness with crotch strap. RID is available in two sizes of air bladder: 22 kg and 40 kg.


Standard features

  • R.I.D. system harness
  • crotch strap
  • stainless steel backplate
  • four adjustable stainless steel D-rings
  • one utility pocket
  • two small lumbar pads
  • inflator without remote exhaust valve
  • outer bag without gusset-control cord and eight stainless steel D-rings
  • maximum buoyancy:
    • R.I.D.2.0 22 kg - 210 N
    • R.I.D.4.0 40 kg - 390 N
  • air tank size limits:
    • single tank max. vol. 18 lit.
    • twin tank max. vol. 2 x 15 lit.
  • heavily reinforced 1000 D.
    Anso-tex ballistic nylon

Download Instruction Manual (4.3 Mb)